Critiques April 2017

Championship Show Sat 15th April 2017 Auction Market Lanark - Critiques
Judge: Miss Dawn Warrington (Woodavens)
My sincere thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this show, as ever the hospitality was second to none and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. My thanks also to my very able stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.

The quality of dogs was exceptionally high which made for some tough decisions and in some classes I needed more cards.
 Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)
Three very nice puppies who I’m sure will change places.
1st King’s Kingsisla Glen Sligachan. I really liked this boys type and shape,8 months old, loved his one piece head with a naughty expression, clean neck ,best of feet and well off for bone, he really was enjoying himself and gave his handler a bit of work to do, moving well to take BPD. One to watch.
Malone’s Kirkbeck The Man In Black. Another promising puppy with a classic head and expression, he too has great bone and feet ,I just preferred the rear of the winner at this stage, a bright future for this boy though I’m sure.
3rd Matthews’ Ollersett Black Knight.

 Puppy Dog (7,0)
1st King’s Kingsisla Glen Sligachan.
Malone’s Kirkbeck The Man In Black.
3rd Matthews’ Ollersett Black Knight.
Junior Dog (11,2A)
1st Ross’s Go WithThe Flo Ebony Harmony At Qlocontrail. Typy boy who is maturing nicely, soundly constructed, masculine head with a soft expression, lovely tight feet, striding out on the move holding his topline ,in gleaming coat and hard condition.
2nd Laird’s Islstrom Black Grouse Of Daicheil.  More my size this boy was shown beautifully, loved his head and his overall balance, just pipped at the post by the movement of one.
3rd Joyce’s Stranfaer Get Over It
Yearling Dog (11,2A)
1st Ross’s Go With The Flo Ebony Harmony At Qlocontrail.
2nd McCormick’s Steelriver Suns Up. I really liked this quality young man, lovely shape excellent construction, balanced and typy with a gorgeous male head, in super fit condition.
Mcconnell’s Feldkirk Feargal At Torrweaving
Maiden Dog (4,0)
1st Joyce’s Stranfaer Get Over It. Nice shape, deep chest, good forequarters and clean neck, in good condition, very attentive to handler and moving well.
2nd Malone’s Kirkbeck The Man In Black.
3rd Matthews’ Ollersett Black Knight.
Novice Dog (2,0)
1st Joyce’s Stranfaer Get Over It.
2nd Matthews’ Ollersett Black Knight. Everything is there with this boy but he just needs time, carrying a bit too much weight today which made him a bit ‘roly poly’. I’ll be interested to see how he matures
Graduate Dog (2,0)
1st Harris’ Highlander Z Mokre At Siancala. Built on clean lines, good male head and eye, this boy can really stride out on the move, at one with his handler.
2nd  Jury’s Suskin Shamrock At Torwood. Workmanlike male who also moved well, is nicely constructed in front with a strong rear, preferred the head of the winner
Post Graduate Dog (7,1A)
1st Lairds’ Branchalwood Strathearn Of Daicheil. Lots to like about this boy, has the best of heads and a soft expression which is seldom seen these days, excellent front angulation and well angulated rear, well good bone and feet , considered for higher honors but didn’t move as well in the challenge.
2nd Enticknap’s Bochilbarley Ballabriggs with Tessera. This boy was unlucky to meet one today, quality male who is full of life and exuberance, he’s all male with a good head, level topline and a strong rear which he used to advantage on the move.
3rd Ross’ Islstrom Orrin
Limit Dog (10,0)
Excellent class of quality males, I needed more cards here.
1st Blain’s Cacis Just A Gigolo At Steelriver JW (IMP SWE) I really liked the size and shape of this boy, the best of heads, dark almond shaped eye, prominent brisket and excellent front angulation, cracking feet and bone, moderately angulated rear with thrashing tail action, moved with power and drive around the ring holding his topline, he oozes quality, and I couldn’t deny him the CC today.
2nd Lairds’ Seaheart Archibald Of Daicheil. Judged this boy as a youngster and was impressed with him then, delighted to see that he has matured into a lovely male, medium sized gorgeous head and melting expression, super construction and shown in tip top condition RCC.
3rd Walkers’ Gloi Dubh Fingal.
Open Dog (7,0)
1st Blain’s Rotherfield First request JW. I was spoilt for choice in this class too and this boy was on top form today to just edge out in front with his effortless driving movement. Good all round construction and masculine throughout, lovely outline and balanced all through, another who was close up for top honours.
2nd Lairds’ SH CH Branchalwood Tamdhu Of Daicheil JW SHCM Another who is all male from his head to his toes, super construction throughout and I have to say this exhibitor always turns her dogs out in super coat and condition, he couldn’t match the winner on movement today.
3rd Douglas’ SH CH Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo
Veteran Dog (3,0)
1st Holland’s  CH Calzeat Causa Commotion Of Flatcharm (imp) A favourite of mine, you couldn’t feel down in this dogs company that’s for sure, he absolutely belies his age and just keeps going and going. Medium sized with a lovely head and laughing expression, his tail never stops wagging and clearly has a great bond with his handler moving as one and guiding him to BVIS.
2nd Dalziel-Scott and Scott’s SH CH Branchalwood Daerwater. Another favourite of mine, quality male who could show the youngsters a thing or too when it comes to movement. I love his head and expression and he has such a happy disposition, unlucky to meet 1.
3rd Harris’ Steelriver Coming Home
Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1A)
A trio of lovely girls here.
1st Walker’s Jade Vom Wildforstersee Of Gloi (imp Deu) Naf Taf. What a gorgeous baby! So feminine with the sweetest of heads and soft expression, clean neck leading into level top line, deep chest, balanced with excellent bone and feet, she showed so well and looked an absolute picture standing and moving., will watch her progress with interest, delighted to award her BPIS.
2nd Kings’ Kingisla Ratharsair Another nice baby developing along the right lines, a little taller and rangier than one, lovely head, nice length of neck leading into well placed shoulders level top line, good angles front and rear, moving well once she was concentrating.
3rd Campbell’s Corriegarth Caledonia
Puppy Bitch (5,0)
1st Walker’s Jade Vom Wildforstersee Of Gloi (imp Deu) Naf Taf.
2nd Cowan’s Draketor Dartmoor Beauty with Andwalls. Pretty bitch with a lovely head, she is nicely put together, good neck, front and topline with moderate bend of stifle, moved well.
3rd Kings’ Kingisla Ratharsair
Junior Bitch (7,1A)
1st Gales’ Willowswind Nette Lark. There is a lot to like about this young lady, she’s at that ‘in between ‘stage currently and was lacking a little in coat today but her other qualities meant that she couldn’t be denied the class. Lovely head and eye, ideal size with good confirmation, has a super front and chest and a good rear, moved well.
2nd Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Aurora. Close to one, pretty head, best of fronts with a deep chest and excellent length and angulation of upper arm, striding out with her young handler who should be commended for the gentle, sympathetic  way she handles her dogs to get the best out of them.
3rd Ross’ Islstrom Onora
Yearling Bitch (4,0)
1st Mcdonald’s Steelriver Dance In The Sun At Skyloch. This young lady headed a nice class of girls, sweet head and eye, well set ears, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest, level top line, excellent bone and feet, moved with drive.
2nd Walker’s Gloi Dubh Gigha JW Slightly smaller than one, I really liked her head and ‘laughing’ expression, dark eye nicely made all through, good depth of chest, level top line and correct tail set, strong well-muscled rear, moved positively.
3rd Stevenson Steelriver Sunkissed JW
Maiden Bitch (3,0)
1st Walker’s Jade Vom Wildforstersee Of Gloi (imp Deu) Naf Taf.
2nd Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Snow White. Litter sister to the 2nd place in junior and similar remarks apply, feminine all through, good spring of rib and like her sister excels in front construction, couldn’t match the winner on movement today.
3rd Gray’s Rotherfield Reason to Dream at Aislear
Novice Bitch (4,0)
1st  Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Snow White
2nd Cowan’s Draketor Dartmoor Beauty with Andwalls
3rd McKenzie’s Rachanmill Zephyr
Graduate Bitch (8,1A)
1st Thomson’s Badcall Petronella. Pretty head and kind expression, balanced bitch built on clean lines. A nicely angulated front with prominent brisket good rear angulation, moved well.
2nd Leach Kissock Little Black Number. Another nice bitch with a good head and eye, deep chested with well sprung ribs. Great bone and feet level top line which she held on the move, in good coat and condition.
3rd Joyce’s Stanfaer Solitaire JW
Post Graduate Bitch (16,3A)
1st Bellamy’s Woodfinch  hydra. Another who was lacking a little in coat on the day, however she was the best mover in this class. she is nicely made all through, typical head with dark eye and correct ear set, well laid shoulders, good front and well muscled rear, could clearly do a days work.
2nd Matthew’s Ollersett Rainbow. Another pretty bitch who is well put together, feminine head, dark eye and well set ears, balanced and shown in lovely coat and condition, couldn’t match the winner on movement today.
3rd Gilchrist’s Seaheart Bryony with Ardmhor
Limit Bitch (12,3A)
1st Jones’ Seaheart Anneliese by Benvellyn. My star of the day and today was absolutely her day. Ultra feminine bitch who screams flat coat, from her pretty head down to the gentle swishing of her tail, beautifully made all through, dark eye, excellent neck leading into well laid shoulder and level top line, short coupled, lovely rear and shown in good coat and condition, excellent movement especially in profile, beautifully handled and turned out, I thought her stunning, BCC her second and BIS, I hope she gains her crown soon.
2nd Gilchrist’s Gloi Dubh Erin with Ardhmor. Another quality bitch from this kennel, good head and eye, excellent bone and feet good reach of neck, deep chest, good hindquarters and well muscled, moved well.
3rd Goodman’s Keepersway Gracie To Beanit JW
Open Bitch (7,2A)
1st Dyren’s Flatcharm Chelsea Whopper.  This bitch is so balanced with excellent front and rear quarters with a deep chest, level top line into well set tail which she uses enthusiastically whilst standing and on the move. Nice head with darkest of eyes, well muscled rear which enables her to drive around the ring, at one with her handler and another who is fit for function, just preferred the head of the CC winner RCC.
2nd Ross’ SH CH Islstrom Torrachilty JW. Another super bitch who showed beautifully, nice head dark eye and naughty expression. Lovely shape and outline, quality girl who was unlucky to meet 1 on top form a very worthy champion.
3rd Henesey and Ostman’s IR SH CH Cacis Posh And Sassy At Wrensmead
Veteran Bitch (8,3A)
1st Irvines’ Broomiedean Lady Of Hatari At Vbos JW. A lovely class of veterans. Typy girl with a classic head, good neck and lay back of shoulder. Level top line with a lovely rear. An enthusiastic girl who was enjoying her day out, hard to believe she is a veteran.
2nd Mcdonalds Steelriver Come Dancing Of Skyloch  Another nice bitch enjoying her day, classic head, good size, bone and feet, very happy girl, just not the movement of 1 today.
3rd Thomson’s Steelriver Hot And Hazy At Badcall SH CM
Miss Dawn Warrington
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